09 Nov 2017

The United States (US) EB-5 Investment Immigration


– Convenient Immigration Advantage: The fastest way to obtain US permanent resident status.
– Reasonable Amount of Investment: Only US$500,000 is invested to produce ten nos. job vacancies directly or indirectly.
– Simple Requirement: Investors commence their own business or run EB-5 investment projects without abandoning their own businesses
– Welfare Maturity: The social security and the welfare pension system are entirely improved and perfect in the United States.
– Educational Resources: Free basic education can be enjoyed and priority is given to enter many excellent U.S. universities in the United States.
– Free Settlements: Free settlements in the United States after getting a “Green Card”

Application requirements

– Applicant should have attained the age of 21 years or above.
– Not require to review the applicant’s background in any education, language, business or work experience.
– Applicant should prove the continuous cash investment with more than 1 million US dollars (which may include the spouse’s assets, gifts and inheritance with legitimate assets). As for an investment, the minimum amount is 0.5 million US dollars.
– Applicant must be able to provide the official authoritative documents/ proofs of his/her source of funds.
– Investors who qualify above are eligible to obtain a two-year “conditional green card”.
– Investors who make good on his/her promises to invest and create job vacancies within two years in order to obtain a “permanent green card”.