09 Nov 2017

Singapore Entrepreneur Entre-Pass


After the capital injection in a local registered company in Singapore, it can apply for an entrepreneur entre-pass. The holders of Entrepreneurship permit are entitled to enjoy all same benefits as the local citizens.

Application requirements

– At least 21 years old.
– Invest in a registered company in Singapore and shareholding must not less than 30%.
– The registered company owned by the applicant must satisfy one of the following conditions
a. Supported by a government-recognized venture capital or “business angel.”
b. Possess product or design patents or intellectual property
c. Conduct joint academic research with A* Star or university
– Obtain funding and training from Government-funded business incubators.
– The company must not operate for more than 6 months since date of application submission
– Bank statement must be submitted to Bank of Singapore to prove that the applicant has injected at least SGD 500,000 capital into the company account

Application Procedure

– Consult the immigration consultant. Engagement is signed by both parties
– Prepare the required documents and submit the application to the relevant authorities
– Register company through the required review and assessment
– Interview (if any)
– Issue of visa (conditional visa)
– Apply for a permanent visa – requiring residence of 24 months afterwards
– Apply for a permanent resident card (green card)