08 Nov 2017

New Zealand Investment Immigration Visa

The policy of New Zealand‘s investment immigration visa is relatively simple. Investors are generally divided into two categories as follows:

  1. Investor Plus (Investor Category I)
  2. Investor (Investor Category II)

Application Requirements

Application requirements Investor Plus Investor
Investment funds NZD 10 million NZD 3 million
Investment period 3 years 4 years
Age No requirement 65 year-old or below
Business Experience No requirement Minimum 3 years
Asset proof No requirement NZD 4 million
Source of Fund Need to provide proof Need to provide proof
Principal Applicant’s English Usage No requirement -An English speaking background or-IELTS with overall score 4.0
Family Member’s English Usage No requirement Same as principal applicant or pre-paid ESOL tuition
Residency 44 days in New Zealand for each of the last 2 years of the 3 years investment period 146 days in New Zealand for each of the last 3 years of the 4 years investment period
Health condition Pass physical body examination Pass physical body examination
Morality No criminal record No criminal record