09 Nov 2017

Global Vanuatu Passport Immigration

Global Vanuatu Passport Immigration


– 80% Market Share
80% of Vanuatu’s immigration applications come from global immigrants who rank among the forefront of the market.

– 99% Success Rate to Grant Identities
99% of clients signed by global immigrants successfully handle and get their identity with a high success rate.

– 48 Peoples Copywriting Team
A total of up to 48 nos. specialists forming copywriting team are responsible for Global Immigration Vanuatu project.

– 30 days Granting Passport
Obtaining your passport in one step and getting Vanuatu passport as fast as 30 days.

– 120+ Visa-Free Country
More than 120 nos. visa-free countries and regions including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other 40 nos. Europe countries.

Application requirements

1. At least 18 years of age (can bring 50-year-old or above parents, spouse and children under the age of 25);
2. No criminal records.
3. Assets proofs for USD 250,000 or above.