09 Nov 2017

Global Migration Spanish Deposits Migration Project


– Approval for 300 families
More than 300 families successfully in obtained migration status through global immigration when the
Spanish immigration act was launched in September 2013.
– 40% of Market share
The successful applications for investment immigration via this project occupy the top of 40% in the national
market share.
– Reception of more than 300 families.
Global Spanish branch offices have performed reception more than 300 groups of clients and have completed
more than 300 sets of properties for transactions.
– Low-cost migration to Europe
Spend RMB 250,000 only or above, the whole family can apply for non-profit status of residence. Cost will
be saved since the unlimited property purchase.
– Multi-services for home landing
Provision of one-stop setting-up a home service for immigration. Full support for clients in-house renting and
subsequent setting home life services.
– Cooperation with professional law firm
Global cooperation with Spanish immigration incorporate in the field of professional lawyers who are rich
experience practically.

Application requirements

– The principal applicant should have attained the age of 18 years or above.
– No criminal records
– One million Euros transferred into Spanish personal account

Application procedure

– Signing contract and Evaluation ⇒ Evaluating as qualified for official signing to process ⇒ Preparing Spanish bank account to activate relevant documents ⇒ Granting approval for visa ⇒ Clients

– Submission of immigration application ⇒ Transfer accounts and preparation of immigration materials

– Overall processing period: about 7-9 months
(The above application process and period are for reference only. It should take precedence of application and approval periods from the relevant government organization for the individual case)

Application Fee

– Service fee: RMB50,000.
– Foreign side service fee: RMB150,000.
– Investment cost: 1 million Euros for deposit purpose.
(The above fees are for reference only. The application fee is based on the mutual contract and the charge
from the relevant third party)


– Overseas status: Continue status without residence requirement. It can renew to Europe permanent residency permit, the resident held permit would be entitled as citizen who can enjoy the national welfare without the sense of immigration supervision.
– Children’s prospect: Adopting well-advanced education in four business Spanish business colleges ranking the preceding top ten in the world. Learning the third largest language in the world, children are equipped with more competitive ability. Upon one year after birth, the European passport can be quickly obtained.
– Return on investment: Europe is one of strong continents in the world. The European financial center is bargain-hunting that investment opportunity can be easily found to keep up with predators.
– One applicant applies, immigration can cover three generations. One applicant applies, spouse, parents and over-aged children who are economically dependent on the applicant can accompany.
– Safe Deposits Migration: The deposits stored in the principal applicant’s personal account. It is simpler, more flexible, easier to implement and more secure.
– Facilitation to travel: Holding the Spanish identity, you can visit 26 European states in Schengen Area unimpededly.

Global Advantages

– Global immigration is the first market to develop in Spain with 1 million Euros deposited immigration
organization. More diversified migration can be achieved.
– Global cooperation is incorporated with professional law firms in the field of immigration in Spain. The
experienced practical lawyers can ensure that the process of immigration will be smooth.
– Global services provide one-stop migration services. Client consultations provided by the global experienced
staffs include the preparation of immigration materials, immigration procedures and set-up for life services